Sunday July 1, 2018

I Feel Free

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Toronto's enigmatic four-piece Dilly Dally have returned with details on their second full length. The band made the jump from Buzz Records to Dine Alone for the forthcoming release of Heaven, which follows up their acclaimed 2015 debut Sore. Partisan Records will handle the record down south. Look for it on September 14. The lead single from the new nine-song set, titled "I Feel Free," can be heard below accompanied by a video directed by singer/guitarist Katie Monks.

The band, which features Monks with guitarist Liz Ball, bassist Jimmy Tony, and drummer Benjamin Reinhartz, recorded in Los Angeles with producer Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck). In the press release, Monks describes the new record as having "doom metal vibes with lots of positive messages." If you somehow avoided Sore when it came out, it's time to circle back and do your homework. Dilly Dally's sound falls somewhere on the punk spectrum, with the grungy dynamics of 90s alt-rock factoring heavily and Monks' gravelly wail giving it an identity all its own.

The announcement of Dilly Dally's return to action came with a pair of incredibly in-depth articles that details the band's near-breakup following Sore's release. Jill Krajewski's piece at Noisey titled Dilly Dally Almost Died feels pretty damn essential. An interview by Kim Taylor Bennett in The FADER is also well worth your time.

Watch: Dilly Dally - "I Feel Free" @ YouTube

Montreal's electronic art-punk Petra Glynt has released the first single from her upcoming sophomore full-length My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love. You can preview "New Growth" below. It's one of 13 tracks slated to appear on the record, which Glynt wrote, performed, and self-produced with Alice Wilder (M.I.A., Austra) mixing. Glynt commented on the track:

I wrote this song fast and in response to the #metoo movement in 2017. I was furious and also empowered by the countless people using the hashtag and sharing their stories widely on social media. We were blowing up. Finally men were being held accountable for their actions. This song was written on the current of power being given back to the women for sharing their stories. Now we’re growing from it...

The new record will arrive on September 7 via Pleasence Records. It follows up the multidisciplinary artist and activist's percussive 2017 release This Trip, which saw a release on Vibe Over Method.

Listen: Petra Glynt - "New Growth" @ SoundCloud

Toronto's post-punk trio Fond premiered a song this week at New Noise titled "Smooth Sailing." The band's something of an Art of the Uncarved Block supergroup, featuring Ryan Naray (Animal Faces, Soft Floors), Zach Van Horne (Creeper), and label co-owner Rob Johnson (Low Sun, Shahman). Fond is readying their debut full length, a self-titled effort, for a July 21 release. They recorded at Burlington, Ontario’s B-Town Sound in one six-hour live-off-the-floor session with producer Colin Young.

Fond's new record mixes influences ranging from late-70s post-punk bands to the 80s and 90s rosters of labels like Touch And Go and SST. Their press release namechecks acts like Wire, Slint, the Breeders, and Meat Puppets as part of that foundation. Rob Johnson commented:

"We had combed through the late ’90s and lived through the early 2000s, so it’s been exciting to listen back to older records while uncovering different tones, textures, and recording techniques. For this project, we thought it’d be cool to pick out some of those things while reproducing them in our own way."

Listen: Fond - "Smooth Sailing" @ SoundCloud

Toronto two-piece punk group Found Objects have announced a new EP titled Now That You're Gone, a three-song set for release on July 5 through the band's Must Be Nice Records. premiered a stream of the EP last week. The songs will arrive as a one-sided 7" with a screen-printed B side in a limited pressing of 100. It follows up the duo's debut full-length The Worse is Yet To Come, which they released as a 10" last year.

Found Objects shares members with !ATTENTION!, Horses, Threes, and Prettyboy. They've been playing in and around Toronto for about four years now. The band will celebrate the new release with a show at the Handlebar on Thursday, June 5. They'll share the bill with High Home, Father Bodies, and Pretty Matty.

Listen: Found Objects - Now That You're Gone @ Bandcamp

Mississauga pop-punk act High Home will also celebrate a new release at that show. Also a duo, the band, which features Bryan Brocoy and Adam Furukawa, have a new EP out now titled Teenage Summer. Brocoy and Nick Ginn (Hellbent) produced the five-song set at School House Studios in Dundas, Ontario.

High Home previously recorded as The Bryan Adams. While it's understandable that they decided to move away from that name, I still find it pretty funny.

Listen: High Home - Teenage Summer @ Bandcamp

Commuted, the eclectic Toronto-based post-punk/electronic/shoegaze venture of musician David Eatock has returned with a new record planned for the summer titled Dancefloor Therapy. The artist made the announcement alongside a music video for the gloriously aggressive new song "Take a Picture With Me," which features guest vocals from WLMRT screamer Shelby Wilson.

Given how Commuted's past work (some of which is archived as Remember Where You Came From at Bandcamp) is pretty far out from this sound, your guess is as good as mine on what the new work will sound like. This anarchic video's super fun in any case.

Watch: Commuted - "Take a Picture With Me" @ YouTube

Vancouver three-piece rock band Rare Americans have a new single out titled "Cats, Dogs & Rats," accompanied by a music video that's doing some incredible numbers over at YouTube. I'm not sure if credit for that goes to the band for assembling a catchy pop-punk number or the fact that the clip was animated by Brooklyn's Harry Teitelman, who's worked on some high profile projects like Killer Mike's "Reagan" video.

Either way, go check it out. Rare Americans features brothers James and Jared Priestner and guitarist Lubo Ivan. James and Lubo were formerly members of BC alt-pop act The Lunas. The trio is planning on releasing a series of singles of this sort in the lead up to their full-length.

Watch: Rare Americans - "Cat's, Dogs & Rats" @ YouTube

Toronto five-piece melodic punk act Family Meeting have signed with Montreal's Thousand Islands Records (Trashed Ambulance, Shift-D, Bussieres). The band's currently working on their follow up to 2017's EP No One Cares 'Til You're Dead, which is expected sometime later this year on the label. Family Meeting features vocalist Josh Riley, bassist Davey Knight, guitarists Nick Navrotski and Steve Ferreira, and drummer Brian Brodie.

Listen: Family Meeting - No One Cares' Til You're Dead @ Bandcamp

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