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La Sécurité: "Anyway"

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Mothland recently announced the debut full-length from Montreal art-punk act La Sécurité, previewing the ten-song set with the wiry and dynamic "Anyway." The band's Éliane Viens-Synnott commented on the kinetic track in a press release, revealing:

"This song was written in the early stages of dealing with grief related to miscarriage and pleads a sort of surrender to the strain it can put on a couple processing all this."

The song's the third we've heard from the Stay Safe! LP, following "Try Again" and "Suspens" last year. You can see it set against a collage of live footage and behind-the-scenes antics in a new video directed by the band.

The group recorded with Samuel Gemme engineering at Gamma Recording Studio (Corridor, Anemone). La Sécurité features Éliane Viens-Synnott on lead vocals and synth, Félix Bélisle on bass, Kenny Smith on drums, Laurence-Anne on guitar and synth, and Melissa Di Menna on the same. The group features current and former members of Choses Sauvages, Laurence-Anne, Jesuslesfilles, Silver Dapple, DATES, and Pressure Pin. Bélisle and Gemme co-produced the set.

On the record, guitarist Melissa Di Menna shared:

"It's an album with a lot of drive, which makes you want to move! Some of it is in French, some of it is in English, but it's not just fun and games... it also bites. It's catchy earworms delivered with a punk attitude. There's somewhat of a Twin Peak-esque, honey-dripping break midway, adding a bit of breathing room before we indulge in more contagious grooves, upping the bpm until the very end."

Look for Stay Safe! on June 16 through Mothland.

The Dirty Nil: "Nicer Guy"

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Dundas power-trio The Dirty Nil recently announced their next album. The 10-song Free Rein to Passions lands May 26 through Dine Alone Records, as previewed in the bombastic lead single "Nicer Guy." In a press release, guitarist/vocalist Luke Bentham promised a thrashier, less-restrained outing than the band's 2021 album:

"Fuck Art had a lot of singing on it. There were not a lot of parts where you could just jam out on riffs. Free Rein to Passions is a bit of a nastier record where we didn't sweat the small insignificant details. If it sounded cool, we went with it."

Regarding the single, he reveals:

"I'd been sitting on some of the guitar parts for a long time, husbanding them for a suitably righteous song. In the depths of lockdown, I dusted them off and came up with the words. It was a happy day in an otherwise lonely time. Special shoutout to Kyle [Fisher]'s extremely tight playing and Sam's stampeding elephant bass. Sincerity can feel uncomfortable, but this one feels right."

This album's the band's first with new bassist Sam Tomlinson (also of Captain Wildchild). He linked up with the group last year, lending his high-energy stage presence to the Nil's already outsized live performances and appearing on the one-off fall single, Bye Bye Big Bear.

Mother Tongues: "A Heart Beating"

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Toronto psych group Mother Tongues recently shared the first single from their upcoming full-length. The dreamy "A Heart Beating" is our first preview of the forthcoming Love In A Vicious Way, the band's debut long player and the follow-up to 2020's Everything You Wanted. You can see the track visualized in a new video by Carson Teal.

This recording features Lukas Cheung on synth and guitar, bassist Charise Aragoza singing lead (and playing additional synths), Mimico's Nick Kervin on drums, Lane Halley on guitar, and Kvesche Bijons-Ebacher on keys. Cheung and Mr. Joy's Asher Gould-Murtagh co-produced.

On the new album, Cheung teased:

"We're peering into the future and imagining what this world could be. It's a little William Gibson, a little cyberpunk, it's lit like a Wong-Kar-Wai film. It's queer, it's free, a little goth, everyone's wearing eyeliner. I like to imagine our record bleeding out of the headphones of some 16-year-old in this not-so-distant universe."

Look for the ten-song album in July through Wavy Haze.

L'index: Échos miroirs

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Post-punk quartet L'index makes a solid first impression on Échos miroirs, their newly unveiled 7-song debut. The Trois Rivières group weaves early new wave sounds with 60s psych flourishes, crafting a jangly, compellingly playful spin on classic goth sounds while alternating between French and English. You can pick up the digital collection on Bandcamp now, with tapes on the way soon through the newly launched Les Cassettes Magiques. L'index recorded at Quebec City's Pantoum studio last spring with Samuel Wagner (Harfang, Les Maryann, Floes) engineering. Vincent Lepage (Renard Blanc) mixed, while JP Villemure (Fuudge, Bleu Nuit) mastered the set.

The band, together since 2019, features Frédérik Roy (guitar, vocals, flute, and synths), Donnick Rivest (bass), Alexis Vaillant-Gamache (guitar, keyboards), and Kilyan Bonnetti (drums). Look for L'Index on stage at Bal du Lézard in Quebec City on May 13.

Steve Adamyk Band: "Do You Wanna Know"/"Slip Away"

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It's been a minute since we last heard from Ottawa mainstays, the Steve Adamyk Band. While we're still waiting for the inevitable follow-up to 2019's Paradise, the group's holding us over with a playful new single. As part of the ongoing singles series from Portland's Drunk Dial Records, the group's issued a pair of inebriated covers on a new 7". The set, recorded in the summer of 2021 in Mayo, Quebec, features an A-side rendition of The Kids' 1979 track "Do You Wanna Know" (with the 7" cover riffing on the Belgian punk legends' 1978 self-titled LP). The flip side unearths something a little closer to home, reviving "Slip Away" by the Sedatives (Adamyk's seminal early-2000s group with Dave Williams and Emmanuel Sayer, both later of Crusades, and Ian Manhire of The White Wires).

These tracks (recorded "after splitting a case of Costco Coronas") feature the group as a duo with Adamyk and David Forcier. The 7" follows a pair of 2019 releases, the Dirtnap issued Paradise LP and a self-titled EP for Rad Girlfriend Records.

Child Actress: "Beloved"

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Rena Kozak's acclaimed songwriting outlet Child Actress returned in recent weeks with a new single dubbed "Beloved," the first from a forthcoming LP dubbed Ancestor Worship. The track's showcased in a new video crafted by Brad Aitso. While sharing the visuals, Kozak reflected on the personal tragedy underlying the new work:

"The death of my boyfriend in 2012 was such a profound experience - he died when we were totally in love on a joyful day and the way that he died while I was with him scarred me in an indescribable way, like a deep psychic torture for years after and on to today. To be in that level of pain, to be pushed to the edge of what you can consciously comprehend and then go past it... I think I learned the meaning of life. I think I saw beyond conscious reality and into other dimensions. Sometimes I could look at my hands and know I was here but still know I was everywhere else at the same time.

That's the essence of what I've made this album about - the unbearable weight of profound understanding of that which cannot be described, and the feeble attempt to reconcile with living here in the normal world with the rest of you. Which is why this video is perfect. I collected some moments from my recent life and [director Brad Aitso] twisted them into a fever dream, the way the world looks from the other side."

In addition to Kozak's solo performance, the track features additional guitar and synth from Preoccupations' Scott Munro, drums from Bryan Thomas, and Grant Zubritsky on saxophone. Kozak self-produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered "Beloved" at Studio Saint Zo.

Kozak's logged countless hours as a live sound engineer over the past two decades, providing front-of-house engineering services for Canadian post-punk bands like Operators, Wolf Parade, and Preoccupations while also working with artists like The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr. Since her 2017 LP Milking a Dead Cow and a self-titled EP in 2019, the artist's issued several collections of Patreon-funded songs in various formats. Look for Ancestor Worship in late 2023.

Mononegatives: "Television Funeral"

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The hotly anticipated new record from London, Ontario synth-punks Mononegatives is out now. You can pick up Crossing Visual Field through the UK's No Front Teeth and LA design collective Dowd Records.

Just before the big day the trio issued their final pre-release single from the record, sharing "Television Funeral" alongside a new video. Dowd issued a statement on both the multi-faceted audio and the accompanying visuals:

"In the past nothing could be recorded so most things were forgotten. Now everything can be recorded and it's usually nothing we want to remember. Television Funeral can be seen as an entire albums worth of ideas presented into one recording, one catchy enough that you hopefully will want to remember but also one caustic enough that makes it hard to forget.

The video is a jittery mess of colours and destruction. The song exists in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the visuals on your screen. That poor TV never stood a chance."

Mononegatives features Robbie Brake (Isölation Party) on guitar, synth, and vocals, with drummer David Cereghini, and bassist Aaron Wallis. The new record follows up on a pair of recent EPs from the trio (Counterclockwise Interjection and Frequencies Rotating Clockwise) as well as a split with Albany's Mystery Girl.

Rock n Roll Television: "Hypersensible"/"Je Monte Le Son"

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Earlier this month, the long-running Montreal power-pop/punk act Rock n Roll Television resurfaced, promising a new album in 2023 as the long-awaited follow-up on 2018's Taking Back the Brainwaves. The group's notably delivered their new work entirely in French, a twist you can preview on the tracks "Hypersensible" and "Je Monte Le Son." You can find both at Bandcamp. All we know about the new album, to be titled Le grand débrouillage, is to expect it later this year.

Wet Pleather: Demo

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Less than a month after debuting his new Dartmouth-based hardcore act Excited To Die, Cody Googoo's found yet another outlet for lo-fi destruction in the form of Wet Pleather. The band tracked a snarling and grimy four-track demo with engineer Luke Mumford, available now on a limited cassette run through Don't Wanna Talk Records.

The new group's a quartet that again shuffles members of the ever-shifting Haligonian punk scene, reuniting Googoo with his Booji Boys and Fragment co-conspirator Steve Earle. I've failed at nailing down the other half of the band (my skill at deciphering the artists behind inscrutable Instagram handles appears to be waning), but I trust we've seen them in Cody's skate/thrash orbit before. You can hear the goods on Bandcamp.

The Flatliners: "It'll Hurt"

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In anticipation of their May appearance at Montreal's Pouzza Fest and a pending European tour, Toronto punk stalwarts The Flatliners have a new video out showcasing the New Ruin track "It'll Hurt." The clip continues the narrative strung between their earlier singles from the record, chronicling the sordid tale of TV host Ron Regal (played by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll of Kim's Conveniences and the Baroness Von Sketch Show). On the clip, vocalist/guitarist Chris Cresswell commented:

"Through the videos for 'Performative Hours,' 'Souvenir,' and 'Rat King,' you've witnessed the swift fall from grace in the once illustrious life of Mr. Ron Regal. Now see where it all began for the late-night-titan-turned-secret-identity-sporting bartender, in our origin story video for It'll Hurt. Did The Flatliners unknowingly set Ron on his path of self-destruction and his eventual downfall? Only time will tell for sure. But yes. The answer is absolutely yes. It was all our fault. Sorry Ron..."

The video once again finds the band working with director Mitch Barnes (The Dirty Nil).

In conjunction with The Flatliners' 20th anniversary, New Ruin landed last August as their sixth studio album through Dine Alone and Fat Wreck Chords. The band features Cresswell with drummer Paul Ramirez, bassist Jon Darbey, and guitarist Scott Brigham.

Prosthetic Bung: The Quest for the Golden Bung

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Hot on the heels of their February-issued faux-live EP, Toronto garage duo Prosthetic Bung is back with another set of heavy, sardonic tracks with The Quest for the Golden Bung. The band leans hard on their comedic trappings this time out (all but one of the overblow tracks features some permutation of 'bung' in the title), but behind the shtick they're churning out some gloriously wreckless rock'n'roll.

The band's following up on February's Futureless Throb: Live In Japan, 1983 (which, owing to their embrace of nonsense, wasn't a 1993 live album from Japan). Prosthetic Bung pairs guitarist/vocalist Steff (billed here as Steffgor San Diego) and drummer/bassist/synth-player Zach (aka Indiana Bonez).

Not to spoil anything, but this album probably includes far more kazoo than you'll hear anywhere else this month.

SAMWOY: "Hate Me"

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Sam Woywitka of the Montreal psych duo FHANG has several tracks online previewing his debut solo LP as SAMWOY. The latest arrival is the grungy single "Hate Me," accompanied by a video shot on Super 8 film in the streets of New York and Los Angeles. It's one of eight tracks comprising Awkward Party, due out June 2 on Hidden Ship (you can find earlier previews of the tracks "White Dog" and "Sbwriel" streaming now, with each veering off into a genre entirely of its own).

The album finds Sam backed by Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson, FHANG), Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson), and Erika Angell (Thus Owls). A press release stresses the album's roots in a near-fatal car crash from Woywitka's past, with the album "relentlessly collag[ing] voices and moods to evoke the dissociative states" of that injury and road to recovery.

The Tenenbaums: "Classical Ass"

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Lo-fi Ottawa punk trio The Tenenbaums recently shared two songs from an upcoming EP. You can stream "Classical Ass" and "Speak Ill of the Academy pt. II" at Bandcamp. The group's rolling out their first new material since their early 2020's set God damn it, you've got to be kind.

Look for The Tenenbaums back on stage in Ottawa at the Dominion Tavern on May 4. The group's supporting a visit from Toronto's Life In Vacuum with an assist from locals Clusterfuck.

Moratorium: "Hope"

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Ottawa hardcore quartet Moratorium resurfaced last week with a new single, the first from an upcoming EP. "Hope" features a guest appearance on vocals by Jesse Matthewson of Winnipeg noise-rock titans KEN mode. The new tune follows up on their Night Mothers EP, issued in 2019 through Walk A Mile Records.

Crisis Party: Pils Session

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Ottawa punks Crisis Party recently recorded a set for the Gatineau-based Pils Sessions. The trio tracked eight songs from the NOMANSLAND studio with engineer Chany Pilote and series documentarian Dizz Hupé. Along with several originals, their set features a cover of "Deterioration" by Fred Cole's Portland garage originators, The Rats.

Crisis Party unites the prolific Halifax punker Matty Grace (Future Girls, Cluttered, Century Egg) with Tony Cardozo (The Flying Hellfish, Precious Failures and "Ska" Jeff Hurter (Doxx, Dogma, Exit Death). The band's Pils set follows their summer 2022 debut EP, Welcome to the Party.

Matty Grace: The Breakdown Of Progress

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...and (of course) that's not all from Matty Grace:

Ever restless and seemingly always recording, the Haligonian punk lifer has another fresh set of solo recordings online. The Breakdown Of Progress features four stripped-down songs, following up on the recent short sets Winter Trash and Stop. Start. Repeat. On the new material, Grace revealed:

"This was written as a direct reaction to the importance of hanging onto a sense of self during a time filled with big uncertain feelings. Things may pan out, or they might not but the emotions are real, joyous and uncertain yet wrapped in undeniable pain and longing."

Barrie's Tarantula Tapes has the new tracks available on a limited cassette run. You'll find the tape backfilled with the entirety of Grace's 2021 EP, Dysphoria City Limits.

While you're at Bandcamp, don't miss Grace's recently shared Blemishes and Scars, an archival collection of 'imperfect" odds and sods rescued from the digital void.

OMBIIGIZI: "Back At Me" (ft. Peter Dreimanis)

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Acclaimed Anishnaabe supergroup OMBIIGIZI has a new one-off single in the wild dubbed "Back At Me." The track finds principal songwriters Daniel Monkman (Zoon) and Adam Sturgeon (Status/Non-Status) collaborating with Peter Dreimanis of the popular Ontario rock group July Talk. The band commented:

"It was really cool to get a message from our pal Peter (July Talk), who said he had a riff that reminded him of us. It was not long before we were all hanging out in the studio and laying this track down. Back At Me is a song that is a lot of fun to play and we wanted that feeling to be represented in the recording - Everyone keeping it simple, singing and jamming out on a whim - just like you do it at the jam space."

In a press release, Dreimanis offered his take, revealing:

"'Back at Me' began to appear last summer, as a tune I would hum to myself with an absent mind... When I started to play with it more, I immediately thought of Daniel and Adam. I love it when friendship is palpable in a recording, when a piece of music laughs with you in a fast-food burger booth and takes you out to catch up on a walk by the river. Ombiigizi strikes me as a testament to that kind of friendship, and I'm in awe of the sound they make together. We had a blast making this song, and I'm glad it can go out and meet some new friends in the world now."

The group recorded at The Tragically Hip's Bathouse Recording Studio with Nyles Spencer. The song's the first to surface from OMBIIGIZI following their Polaris-shortlisted debut Sewn Together. It also arrives amidst the excitement of both Zoon's upcoming Bekka Ma'iingan LP (April 28 on Paper Bag Records) and Status/Non-Status' recent LP Surely Travel (released last fall on You've Changed).

Reaction: Reaction

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Longueuil, QC street punks Reaction recently congealed from members of The Ruffianz, Unwanted Noise, Destructive, and Backstreet Scum. The band's since issued some of their first recordings through Gatineau's Pils Records, a self-titled set of six.

The five-piece recorded with Frederick Reed engineering and Chany Pilote mastering. You can hear the audio at Bandcamp now or pick up a tape through the label.

Highwind: "Weighing You Down"

Watch on YouTube - Preview and purchase at Bandcamp

Moose Jaw indie rock act Highwind recently shared "Weighing You Down," the first preview of a new six-song EP dubbed Final Words. The dark, hard-driving track opens a song cycle that grapples with the death of a loved one. The music follows up on the Saskatchewan band's 2016 full-length Cellar Door and marks their first recording with new lead guitarist Ehren Pfeifer (who tracked his portion of the EP remotely from Toronto). You can find a video showcasing the new tune on YouTube.

Highwind features guitarist/vocalist Chase Rysavy, guitarist Ehren Pfeifer, bassist/vocalist Eric Taylor, and drummer/vocalist Troy Waggoner.

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures: "Zakat"

Preview and purchase at Bandcamp

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures recently issued their new single "Zakat," proudly declaring it "the best thing we've done as a band." The group continues to hold the crown as Vancouver's predominant (and I suspect only) Russian-language punk group. The colourful proprietor of the city's long-running Rocket From Russia Fest very fittingly serves as their frontman.

The new tracks follow up on last year's ska-punk-flavoured Little Corey EP, and the Split Shmlit EP issued in collaboration with the Eastern European party orchestra Balkan Shmalkan. The group's prior full-length, Something More in Russian, came out in the fall of 2021. Look for the band in Montreal this May as part of Pouzza Fest.

Wasting Time: "Losing My Mind"

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Toronto pop-punkers Wasting Time recently shared "Losing My Mind," a new single issued through Disconnect Disconnect Records. It's among the band's first new material to arrive in the wake of their 2022 LP Once More Without Feeling and marks their second collaboration with the UK label following their appearance on the third volume of the Fast Around The World compilation series. You can find the track featured in a frenetic new video on YouTube.

Once More Without Feeling arrived in March of 2022, distributed through Paper + Plastick. You can expect the band's third LP sometime later this year. Wasting Time features Mad Vlad on guitar and lead vocals, Mike on bass, Mark on lead guitar and Nick on the drums.

Pretty: "Wait For The Sun"

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Toronto psych/garage act Pretty recently issued "Wait For The Sun," our first look at how their sound's evolved since 2020's Sertraline Dream album. Look for it as part of an upcoming EP, the group's second. In a press release, vocalist Torin Craig revealed:

"It was winter during a lockdown, and I was living in a pretty bleak apartment, quite literally waiting for the sun to come back in the spring. The song is about yearning for the end of depression and despair, and trying to hold the memories of better feelings to remind yourself that no matter how bad something is, it will end, or at least change."

The track, recorded with Josh Korody at Candle Recording, features Craig on vocals and 12-string guitar, Eliot Rossi on guitar, backing vocals, and percussion, Will Macquarrie on bass and backing vocals, Brian Heyes on keys, and Morgan Zych drumming.

Chris Page: Alone With Your Radio

Preview and purchase at Bandcamp

Ottawa singer-songwriter Chris Page recently rolled out another digital single, presented (as we've come to expect) in both high-energy "Saturday Night" and rootsy "Sunday Morning" variants. You can pick up both "Alone With Your Radio" flavours at Bandcamp now. The artist commented that the song's "a tribute to those who reminisce about sitting by the dial, finding that perfect signal."

Page has shared new home-recorded digital singles every month like clockwork for the past two years. Amidst that run, he issued Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head, an acoustic reworking of the self-titled 2016 Camp Radio album. With Leila Younis, Chris plays these days in the duo Expanda Fuzz. Before forming Camp Radio in the early 2000s, he played in the 90s-era Glengarry, Ontario garage group The Stand GT.

Tunic: "Disease"

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The new album from Winnipeg's Tunic is nigh. The noise-punk outfit recently shared their final preview of Wrong Dream through the single "Disease," accompanied by a video by Sara Dresti. Speaking to Flood Magazine, guitarist/vocalist David Schellenberg revealed the pernicious effect of economic stability on an artform defined by struggle:

"During the pandemic I found myself making a stable income and, since there was no touring, I wasn't burning it on the road pursuing what I really wanted to do, this band. I started to feel myself drift away from the identity I strived so hard to create. My entire self-worth was tied so strongly to being a touring musician, and if I didn't have that anymore, then who was I? The short answer is, just another cog in the machine, working 40+ hour weeks. The metaphor is simple. It was cancerous, it overtook my body, my life and sense of self."

Wrong Dream lands April 28 through Artoffact Records, following up on Tunic's 2021 LP Quitter. The album features material co-written by Drew Riekman of the Abbotsford, BC post-punk outfit Blessed. Tunic's current lineup finds Schellenberg backed by bassist Tomas Ingham and drummer Dan Unger.

Fucked Up: "Roar"

Watch on YouTube - Preview and purchase at Bandcamp

Fucked Up dressed up as vegetables for their new video showcasing "Roar," vocalist Damian Abraham's ode to childrearing and the latest single from One Day. You can see the clip, shot during the acclaimed hardcore act's 2022 Halloween shows, on YouTube.

The Toronto punk institution's tour supporting the new LP kicks off later this month with two weeks of shows in the US. They'll return home in May and June for a co-headlining Canadian spectacle partnered with Indigenous DJ duo The Halluci Nation.

The ten-track One Day landed in January through Merge, capping several fruitful few years of activity in the wake of 2018's Dose Your Dreams. Recently, the band shared the sludgy Oberon EP, the massive Year of the Horse Zodiac single, and a series of reissues celebrating the anniversary of David Comes to Life. This record features longtime bandmates Damian Abraham on vocals, Mike Haliechuk on guitar, Sandy Miranda on bass, and Jonah Falco drumming.

Da Slyme: If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played

Preview and purchase at Bandcamp

Joe Chamandy's Celluloid Lunch Records has heroically unearthed the collected discography of the notorious first-wave St. John's punk band Da Slyme. The label's assembled a 26-track LP from the band's scattered material, including the songs from their rare 1980 double LP. That album, recorded in the fall of 1978 and 1979, is believed to be limited to 200 copies in its original run. Da Slyme issued that album with randomly selected thrift store LP jackets, with their name stencilled and spray painted overtop. While Celluloid Lunch's revamp assembles new art from the band's archives, the label paid tribute to its scuzzy roots with a new slate of 50 thrifted covers. Those are, as you may expect, now sold out.

The band's Kirt Sic-o-via reflected on the release at Bandcamp:

"The greatest punk rock album never made - by a band that played on stage with a toilet (inside joke). At this time (2023), it's been 24 years since the last foray of Da Slyme. 45 years since it's first. Time is a great leveller. It separates the feelings you had about a project at the early incarnation from an accurate assessment of its value and place. Age is a great leveller too. It turns a 'who cares' attitude into a 'yeah it was better than it felt' and back into a 'who the fuck cares and let's do it anyway' attitude. So myself (Kirt Sic-o-via) and Stig Stilletto and No Moniker embarked on a journey through recordings of the shows and various rehearsal tapes (we only ever played around 30 shows). It was a proverbial gas, A trip down the 'bad craziness' of memory lane. Jesus were we that bad (?) but look at all these other things that were great - I didn't ever remember that we played that good (note: it is punk and everything is relative) but it is definitely rock, and often abrasive rock to boot. Tuning is erratic and maybe even irrelevant (we didn't have guitar tuners until '82).

The recording sources are varied, as one can also hear on our 1980 vinyl, if you are lucky enough to have or find one - only couple of crossovers here. Note: to find the double 1980 release you have to be lucky or rich, neither or both. There's also a CD from '99. Same provisos apply. Recordings are from board tapes, recordings with a couple of mics in the ceiling, cassettes, reel-to-reel stereo or 4-track, and video sources. All are from live shows or rehearsals, plus a couple of radio ads. So, the quality varies. That's punk too (not the homogenized mainstream studio/some producer variety). It's been a slice, talk to you again in 20 years...t o be listened to in the spirits from which it was made.

Old Slyme motto: 'If there's no rubble, you haven't played'. This is the rubble of the years."

If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played arrives June 1.

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