About Some Party

Some Party is an email newsletter sharing updates on independent Canadian rock music, curated and produced entirely as a solo project by Adam White. You may know me from 20-odd years as a Punknews.org writer and editor or more recently as a Polaris Music Prize jurist.

I named this project after a Constantines song that addresses the music industry from an outsider's perspective. Steve kindly gave me his retroactive blessing to use the name, not that I gave him much of a choice. Perhaps he was just being nice.

Some Party's based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, within the lands addressed by Treaty 381.

You can contact me through email at adam@someparty.ca. You're free to add me to your mailing lists, PR folk, but note that the mission statement of this publication precludes me from writing about bands from North Dakota and the like. I have a thoroughly uninteresting presence on Instagram should you wish to find me there. My past social media accounts have all been left fallow.

Why Canada?

In 1972, the CBC's Peter Gzowski challenged listeners to complete the saying "as Canadian as..." (a counterpart to "as American as apple pie"). The winning submission, from Heather Scott, read "as Canadian as possible, under the circumstances."

Some Party's mission is similarly dispassionate and ultimately pragmatic. I focus on this county not to celebrate it but to explore the bonds forged between disparate local music scenes linked by little else than an inconvenient southern border. These are the lines we draw and the connections we make under the circumstances of where we just happen to be.


I've published Some Party's more-or-less weekly since May of 2017. You can explore yearly archives here:


I couldn't have launched this project without the support of these folks.