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You're free to cancel your subscription to Some Party at any using the unsubscribe link available in the footer of every email. If you've lost that link, you can request a new one. Upon unsubscription, your email address is removed entirely from my records.

Some Party emails do not include tracking mechanisms to determine if you've opened the message or clicked any links.

My list of email subscribers is stored securely on cloud computing infrastructure provided by Amazon AWS, specifically stored in their Montreal data centre (ca-central-1). Email is sent through Amazon Simple Email Service, operating from the same Canadian computing region. The mechanics of how I achieve that are visible in the Some Party source code, published at GitHub and available under an MIT license.

I host the Some Party website through GitHub Pages, with the complete source code also available for anyone to see. GitHub is a subsidiary of Microsoft. Common Javascript libraries used by the site may be hosted at Content Delivery Networks like JsDelivr and Unpkg.

The Some Party website does not use a third-party traffic measurement or analytics service. It should set no cookies.

I fully acknowledge the hypocrisy that my efforts to run Some Party as a DIY, privacy-focused publication ultimately rely upon cloud infrastructure owned by Amazon and Microsoft.

Contests & Giveaways

Some Party occasionally run giveaways as a perk for subscribers. The contest entry form requires an email address. After cross-referencing the entry against the list of current subscribers, I store the email in an AWS database. Upon declaring a winner, I delete all entry email addresses are deleted. The winner's email address is retained only to contact them to arrange prize delivery (which may mean putting you in touch with the third party providing the prize). I do not share participant addresses with third parties otherwise.

Embedded Media

Bands and labels rely on third-party companies to host audio and video. These services (YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.) likely include traffic measurement and tracking cookie mechanisms in their embedded media players. YouTube may also display advertising in its media player. Install an ad blocker or use a privacy-focused web browser if you're concerned about that sort of thing.